How do I contact the property owner/manager?

If you’ve already made a booking online, you can manage your booking and contact the owner here: Manage my booking. Simply enter your booking reference and email address to get started.

The owner/manager of the property should provide their contact details when you make your booking. They will be able to do this once you've paid your full balance.

If you don’t have their contact details:
  • Check any emails you’ve received from the owner/manager
  • If you booked through our online booking service, see your booking confirmation email (their phone number should be listed here) 
  • See the property’s advert on site: search by the Home ID mentioned in your emails
You can also try emailing the owner through the contact form on their ad. Always check your spam folder in case they’ve already responded.

If you’re still having problems contacting the owner, get in touch with us and we’ll look into this for you.

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