My flight has been cancelled and I can't go on my holiday. What should I do?

If your flight was cancelled or is severely delayed, we highly recommend contacting your airline as you may be entitled to:


  • An alternative or rerouted flight

  • Food and accommodation until the alternative flight

  • Flight cancellation compensation allowing you to rebook with another airline


In the event of a strike, you may not be able to claim compensation. However, your airline may still have an obligation to assist you. Please note: This may vary depending on your location and carrier.


If you can't reach your destination on your check-in day, we suggest the following:

  • Before you cancel your booking, contact the owner of the property you've booked and explain the situation

  • If suitable, check if the owner can move your booking to different dates in the future

If moving your booking to different dates is not possible and you need to cancel, we recommend getting in touch with your travel insurance provider for guidance on the necessary documents to support your claim.

By cancelling, you are subject to the conditions of the owner’s cancellation policy and the traveller Terms of use, which include our Chargeback policy. For more details, visit Manage my booking.

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