What is a tourist licence and how does this affect my booking?

In some destinations, rental owners are required to register with the local authorities and obtain a tourist licence or registration number.
If a tourist licence is required, the owner must display the registration number on their advert. When looking at a property, you’ll see this below the rental’s description.

What if the property I’d like to book doesn’t have a tourist licence?
It’s important to remember that not all destinations require owners to register and not all owners in those destinations need to hold a licence.
For example, a licence may only be necessary for a particular type of rental or depend on the number of nights it is rented out throughout the year.
So if a property doesn’t have a tourist licence this doesn’t necessarily mean the owner is non-compliant with local legislation. If you’re unsure, you can contact them to clarify.

Can my booking be at risk if an owner doesn’t comply?
Unfortunately, owners may need to cancel bookings if the local authorities change rental legislation. We may also decide to step in to remove listings from our websites if they don’t display their tourist licence number when legally required to do so.
Rest assured, obtaining a tourist licence is solely the owner’s responsibility.  
If you’d like to ask about tourist licence requirements in the area you’re travelling to, please contact the owner.

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